the never ending circle part two

i have never been so stressed out in my life. yet last night i slept like a baby.

tomorrow we're about to do our pickups, a huge day of filming that will wrap 90% of the talent and leave us with small days to finish off and with an actor who is local for now. it has been over a year since we've filmed and we need everything to go smoothly.

and if you read the first line of this you'll understand that it hasn't been going smoothly. well it has and it hasn't. tomorrow is calling for torrential rain which we can't afford to have show up. it scares me that rain, in vancouver which is no shocker, can show up and destroy everything, waste over $4,000 and push this even further than it should. fuck. i'm stressing out, hard. 

thank you aaron, thank you laura for keeping me grounded. 

cody bownComment