budgets & crowdfunding

i need $2,000 for a new short film i want to do. but i'm in this weird in between of how to acquire my budget.

crowdfunding is a well i've visited and drank from, but i'm afraid if i pull the bucket up, it'll all be mud. i used my one, maybe two good opportunities to use crowdfunding as a reliable tool for acquiring my budget. together, between two projects maybe i've raised around $20,000? which is great, which is tremendous. it was a lot of work, a lot of hard work, a lot of nagging my friends and being 'that guy', but i have two films to show for it. i don't know if i could successfully do another crowdfunding project, even for such a small budget.

$2,000 is a terribly small budget. people laugh at you when you talk budgets. i was at a tiff party and told a financier my shooting budget for my feature was $40,000 and he laughed in my face. it seems $10,000 is the gold standard for a short film, or at least that is what they tell you. it's a good number, it gets people paid, it allows you certain luxuries. but unless you're doing a sci-fi or something its unnecessary. having worked with adrian now on two films, where the budgets have been less than $10k, i've learned the value of a dollar, the value of the right team, and the value of cutting out the bullshit. 

homesick was a $10,000 film. i had a crew of 20 people who were on set, and i'll never forget, that we were pressed for time, and someone complained "im not too stoked being here for 14 hours" but earlier in the day, when we needed something moved he said "that's not my job". and sure, he is right, it isn't his job to move a piece of gear not in his department, but at the same time giving a hand where it's needed surely helps things. i'll never work with a crew this big ever again, especially for a short. which has gotten me excited to do this new project, for only a few thousand dollars.

i am not a grant writer, and i don't want/need someone to tell me i can/cannot make a film, so this is out for me. not even an option. it's going to come down to just saving money, putting it aside and banging it out in the spring, which is my goal. i'll have more details on it later as it emerges, and develops - or i wont, and it'll crash and burn in ideas phase. 

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