a never ending circle that finally ends

we're finally going to be finishing our film 'gregoire'. i say this, and still i need to knock on wood because you never know what's going to happen, but right now we're scheduled to film october 8th 2016. we've got all the actors booked, most of the crew back, and some locations. this is excellent and i couldn't be more thankful towards aaron mallin & mo barrettfa for getting this project off the ground again. 

it's been over 365 days since we last filmed something, and in that time everyone has been busy and successful and it's been great to see my friends succeed, but it has been a bummer to sit on the sidelines and watch. this film was supposed to do great things in 2016, but we'll have to wait for 2017 and beyond. 

in december i met a producer, at the whistler film festival. we gelled. we got along. it was a chance meeting but i felt we started a working relationship. we talked about getting things going in april, had meetings, figured budgets out, shooting schedules - and then nothing. nothing happened. in the mean time this was going on, i also was struggling to find an editor. my guy who i've had for all my films wasn't to be part of the project anymore and it was a total bummer. i tried hiring someone to sync my film, but had no success. nothing was working in favor of this film.

now, i've got a dedicated editor on board. we've cut a teaser and it looks great, almost 1000 plays in the first week. i've got a producer on board, who has been getting shit done in my moments of not being able to. this project has life again, it's breathing. october 8th is 17 days away and anything can happen in this time. so i'm cautious - but i'm also incredibly optimistic. i can't wait. 

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