tiff n viff n ymmiff

i'm an insanely jealous person. but i'm also an insanely selfless person. it's a stupid mix. 

tiff just happened, i wasn't part of it - i also never submitted anything to it - but a friend of mine was with the first short film he's ever made (well finished). i'm envious, absolutely. i don't think the film deserves to be there - at all. my dp worked on it, and it is shot incredibly, but the performances are shit and i can't seem to get over it. he also won a grant for like $100k+ to make his first feature film (before his short was even announced to be at tiff). congratulations pal. i'm jealous - absolutely. i just had to scrap, scrape and pinch to get $40,000 to do my feature, and look at all the troubles i have had making it. i know the product will be amazing in the end and i'm not worried - but fuck me i had to struggle. i didn't apply for this grant because i'm not good at paperwork - so i shouldn't be upset that i didn't ever get money like this, but i'm envious. i don't even know if my story deserves the money had i applied. but this is where i am different. no one is ever going to tell me i can't make a film, you feel. anyways, tiff was supposed to be my target for gregoire, and i am not there. my friends are, and they're thriving. i worked so fucking hard, and although we weren't there for 2016, we will be for 2017.

viff is upcoming. i had bought tickets to see a film, that is really hyped. it stars jared who is in gregoire. on the same day is a basketball game. the golden state warriors are in town vs the raptors, and my girlfriend is taking me. so the movie will have to wait. i've heard rumors in the past that, viff doesn't watch submissions from withoutabox. and if you're a filmmaker that is tragic and heartbreaking because sometimes you feel it's the only way you can get to some festivals. this year feels like no exception. i saw a list of films, shorts, that are part of it, and they're all connected to the curator. he essentially chose his friends' and girlfriends film to be part of this program. are they great films? who knows. but something smells fishy. how upsetting is that. imagine if more people knew this. in my eyes, this is the third, or fourth year now where i've heard shady dealings with viff, and frankly it is off my radar. naturally if my feature goes there i'll let it, but. what a drag.

fort mcmurray international film festival also wrapped up in september. it is where my teaser debuted. i watched all the short films and curated the program, and it was great. i had fun watching over 103 short films and putting together a theme for my home town. this is the first year in many that i haven't been able to go back for it which sucked. but what can you do. 

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