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Loosely based on real life events, Gregoire follows four young adults and the choices they make when put at a crossroads of their life. Misha, after dumping her boyfriend - and getting fired from her job, learns that she is pregnant and tries to secure money for an abortion. Her best friend Alexa, who gets let go at the same time, tries to figure out her next moves, while getting involved in a co-workers relationship. Brothers Felix & Louis are successful convenience store robbers, and when a scuffle lands them in trouble, their mother Paula gives them an ultimatum to find real work or be kicked out and on their own. As they struggle to make choices, their paths cross with one another and their choices affect not only themselves, but their friends, and their families.





Ben Cotton - Steve

Cameron Crosby - Carson

Christine Bortolin - Aubrey

Emily Haine - Alexa

Iain Belcher - Pierce

Jared Abrahamson - Felix


Executive Producer
Joe McKeough

Associate Producer
Gwen Uhlig

Cody Bown
Jan Klompje
Tito Guillen

Director of Photography
Jan Klompje

Production Design
Hanna Fridhed

Production Design
Hanna Fridhed

Sound Mixer
Heraldo Abreu

Hair & Make Up
Isabelle Fallu

Kris Woznesensky & Kara Eide

Written & Directed
Cody Bown

Special Thanks

Aaron Mallin
Adam Hussynec
Adrian St. Louis
Andrew MacFarlane
Beck Hallett
Biance Le Roux
Byron Fudge
Charlotte Labelle
Chelsea West
Christos Kalogirou
Cody Clemens
Corey Wiltzen
Doyle Budden
Dylan Kunka
Elaine Budden
Ernest Bown
Gwen Uhlig
Jody Seymour
Joe McKeough
Joshua Fu
Julia Bennett

Katie Thomas

Kelton Stepanowich
Kevin Power

Kurt Walker
Kyle Pigeau
Lauren Donnelly
Matt Boone
Mike Boone
Misty Oakes
Nancy Gauthier
Patti Martinez
Rhett Miller
Roberto Martinez
Russell Thomas
Ryan Carty
Shawn Bown
Stephanie Power
Steve Lawrence
Tim Sutton
Timothy Fifield
Trevor Clarke
Wendy Bown


From my very first film, I have always wanted to make a film in my hometown of Fort McMurray, AB. I've always been heavily inspired by home, and it felt like the right time to finally make something there, instead of faking it in Vancouver. We shot the film with a minimal, very very minimal crew over the span of 15 days in June of 2015. We were thankful to get tremendous support from the local community and had no troubles filming almost everywhere that we needed to. Despite fatigue, our biggest issue with production came in the form of daylight. Northern Alberta only gets 3 hours of darkness in the summer, and this posed rather challenging for the production team. 

behind the scenes stills