Pas Aujourd'hui

a knife, written and directed by adrian st. louis, starring dimitri vantis, matthew nelson-mahood, and carly buhler.


pas aujourd'hui

Nicole wakes up in a strange house.





Nicole Munoz


Cody Bown

Jan Klompje

ADR Recordist
Jeff Grout

Written & Directed
Cody Bown

Special Thanks

Teddy Harley
Dave Harley
Mathew Harley

Curtis Woloschuk
Julia Hutchings


This film will screen in part of the 'Self Destructive Cinema', which means it will be deleted a moment after it has screened. It played Sunday, May 27th, 2018, at Vancity Theatre, at 9:00pm for the one and only time. 

Filming took place on Friday, May 11th, 2018 in Abbotsford, BC over the course of 4 hours.

From the official website:

A selection of Vancouver’s boldest filmmakers have accepted our challenge to create a new short film, world premiere it for an audience and then ceremonially wipe it from existence.

Why would we destroy these films?

As people continue to debate the potential "death of cinema", this is an opportune time to publicly execute a handful of creations and witness the effects the act has on both artists and audiences. Could it be that these films actually become more influential in extinction than if they’d been left to wither for eternity on Vimeo?

By taking the drastic measures of creating these single-use films, Self-Destructive Cinema restores the essentialness and vitality of the cinematic experience. This is not work that viewers can catch up with at their own convenience. It exists for an extremely finite period and demands that it be experienced communally and critically.